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What’s the GSAPI for anyways?

One day we were building a website and needed a little data.  So we checked with the large providers only to find that big data costs an arm and a leg.   We couldn’t pass this huge cost on to the customer because that would make them very unhappy, so we decided to build our own.   We hired 100 monkeys and put them in a room with 100 keyboards and a pile of bananas, low and behold they typed Hamlet.  While the monkey part might be a work of fiction, our first Alpha release is in fact named, “Hamlet”. 

The Grand Strand API has many functions.  First and foremost, it assists the businesses and communities around the Grand Strand with directory location services and staying connected.  There’s a few resources that should be online by Summer ’18 and many other venues have shown an interest in connecting.

Second, it’s a business tool that will help companies keep an eye on their marketing footprint.  It will provide details on where their shortcomings are (if any) and how to get them resolved in the easiest and most cost effective manner.  However, this communication goes directly to the claimed business owner and in no way does it effect the API data itself.  The API is totally Ad Free and any advertising is left to the developer of the site or mobile app.

The personal touch. You can visit sites already that are connected to the big guys, but they lack that personal Grand Strand feel.  The big guys don’t have a clue about our street fairs, parades,  school announcements,  or specials going on at the crab buffet down the street.  That’s a Grand Strand thing and we aim to tailor the Grand Strand API to dish out resources easily beneficial to the local, the vacationer, and to business growth.

What is an API and what is it good for?

API stands for ‘application programming interface’, but basically describes one way to plug your website into another. … The code they expose is called the API and the stuff they build – the tools and widgets – are called applications. Developers can use different APIs in different ways to build different things.”  – APIs for Dummies

An API is a private connection to a big chunk of data and comes with the simple tools to retrieve it.  The simpler the tools the less your developer will charge you. Okay maybe that’s up to the developer.   Lets say you are on the Hwy 17 and Socastee and you get a flat.  You search for Tire Store near me.  That request talks to an API which sends your location and retrieves a list of Tire Stores within say 5 miles.   Basically the data for devices to do things and say things has to come from somewhere, and 90% of the time an API is sending it back to you. 

Yet another Grand Strand personal touch that sets us apart from the big guys will, in a later version maybe “King Lear”,  be Smart API features.  So when you search for that Tire Store list you get your two tire stores within 5 miles, then further recommendations right below it with the two top rated restaurants and a book store all within walking distance.  No not Ads, just smart results. Read a book or grab some lunch while your tire gets fixed.  The possibilities are endless now that we have a local API that can hear our pleas.

How can I help? Where do I start?

Nice to see such enthusiasm!  If you are a business owner you can help by clicking on Claim Listing in any app that uses the Grand Strand API or you can simply Click Here to start updating your business info.  We may have most of it already, but it’s nice to double check.

If you’re an event manager or coordinator please create your coordinator account and keep your information up to date. Click Here to read the events information, claim and update your events. 

School representatives should also create the special schools account so the Grand Strand has a single source for all of your announcements, sporting events, etc.  Read more on the  Schools page to understand the benefits.

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