Connecting the entire

Grand Strand
through the power and exploration of the
Grand Strand APITM project and it’s sponsors

What’s Up Myrtle?TM is a location based mobile app bringing you up to date listings for businesses, accommodations, attractions and events throughout the Grand Strand and beyond.    What’s Up Myrtle? was initially an app for testing and demonstrating the abilities and benefits of the Grand Strand APITM.  However, we got a little carried away and it quickly turned into more.  Developers of both websites and mobile apps can use it as an example of what they too can build using the GSAPI.


What’s Up Myrtle?TM version 1.0.3 has been released. We hope you enjoy it and we are open to any kind of feedback.  Please be patient with it as we will be extending the features of the app over the next few months.  Some of these features are Events, Gas Prices, Weather, Coupons, Hotel and Restaurant bookings, Home Finder, Rentals, Jobs, Favorites, and so much more.  Now that the platform is there, we can bring so much to your single app.   So please install it and keep it around so that it can grow and be nurtured by your interactions.


Ready to claim your listing?

Claimed listings have their benefits. More contact info such as web address, and claimed listings rank a little higher than free listings since they’re verified. It’s STILL FREE.


Are you an event coordinator?

Help people to find your publicly held events.  Get the GSAPI stream filled with your event information. Easily create, edit, schedule and reschedule. It’s FREE TOO.


We're here to serve you too!

Colleges, universities, and K-12. The schools feed drives data directly to your school listing. Searchers find all announcements and events with a single search.  YEP FREE.

Hey Developers! Don’t you fret there is plenty of room in the Myrtle Beach market for your apps and that’s why we built the Grand Strand API.  Embrace the collective and begin building robust geo-search apps for your local customer base.  Contact us today to see how you can affordably harness the GSAPI for your mobile apps and websites.  We’re making it even easier for many of you by creating a GSAPI WordPress Plugin that will pull data directly from the API using queries you dictate in a simple shortcode.  Check back soon for a release date.