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Who are we?

We’re the What’s Up Myrtle, Grand¬† Strand Online, Grand Strand API project and more…

We are a network of the Grand Strand’s information. From businesses to people we help others find and use the data that they need. We aim to give help everyone in the Grand Strand find their next adventure.

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What do we provide?

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Join the growing number of businesses who decided to get listed through GSAPI.

Discover the Grand Strand
through What's Up Myrtle?

Places & Events

Explore from most popular to local favorites or destinations.

Local News

Stay up to date on the latest news from all the best local news sources.

Find Fuel

Find the lowest priced fuel located near you across the Grand Strand.

What's Up Myrtle? & Grand Strand API

Explore the various ways that the Grand Strand API is used and how they could benefit your business.

Mobile On The Go

Mobile Apps

Businesses get displayed across mobile apps needing Grand Strand details.

On the Desktop at Home

Website Linking

Business information get displayed across dozens of websites instantly.

More Exposure

Greater Exposure

Receive additional views from potential customers through our network.



With our bonus ad listing, businesses receives an ad spots on our network.


Grand Strand Certified

Becoming certified will show business legitimacy through our upcoming service.


Coupons & Discounts

Display special offers to our users across the GSAPI network.


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