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Welcome! Setting up your free business listing is quick and easy and takes just a few simple steps.   The benefits of a business listing are many but most importantly you’ll bring targeted traffic to your website, and also gather leads by phone.  Our community is literally, your Grand Strand community.  Being a part of it starts here. 

Claim your listing for free by searching for your company below. The only required info is your Location Details and Contact Information. We do ask that you be as thorough as possible since it helps us to put you in front of more of your potential customers that way.  If your company doesn’t show up in the search you will be given an Add Location button.

We just want to take this chance to let you know that you can claim your listings directly from any mobile device or website that uses the GSAPI.  However, updates to your data will have to occur here, so you will receive a welcome email providing you with your account details for login. Please remember to verify your email so your listing will go active.

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